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Nice France Holiday Apartment



 Nice France Holiday Vacation Apartment & French Riviera Travel Guide

If you are thinking of renting a holiday or vacation apartment on the Cote d'Azur, the French Riviera or the South of France, have Nice thoughts!


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In this website we'll tell you about:

Our Nice France Holiday Vacation Apartment  in the city centre - what it is, where it is, what it costs and how to book.  Click above for details of our two-bedroom vacation apartment on the Promenade des Anglais.

If you just want the highlights, the vacation apartment is roomy (1,075 ft²), has central heating for winter and air-conditioning for summer and a large front terrace with an incomparable view of the Mediterranean.

The two en-suite bedrooms are tucked quietly at the back, overlooking a garden. And all the attractions of Nice are within walking distance.

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Next Availability of our Vacation Apartment:

We are now fully booked for Summer 2008 our next available dates are October 4 - 10 and 22- 28; October is a great time to visit Nice - the weather is still good, the crowds have gone and the prices are lower!

 Christmas and New Year are still available! If you book now you can still benefit from low flight costs.

 Long term winter stays. Our rates are already discounted for the winter season. But if you book three weeks during the November -February period, we'll give you an additional 15% discount. Four weeks - 20%. Hardly worth staying at home! And the weeks don't even have to be consecutive!


 And now's the time to book for 2009! This year we had to turn down literally dozens of bookings in the summer because we were fully booked. Don't let that happen to you next year! And to help those afflicted by the low pound or dollar, we have frozen our rates for 2009! And we've already let 8 weeks in 2009!

If you need any more information, please email me.

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We'll also show you a map of central Nice France , with our vacation apartment marked on it. You will see that we are so centrally located that virtually everything of interest is within walking distance.


And we'll also show you some Testimonials from other guests who have stayed in our vacation apartment.

Where to stay in Nice France - if our apartment is not available we also show you the best areas and the not quite so nice ones!

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What to do when it's sunny - in the South of France that's most of the time!


What to do if it's raining - on the French Riviera that's an average of only four days a month.






The French Riviera weather - it's almost certainly better than wherever you came from - but don't believe the forecasts. The best way of predicting Nice weather is to look out of the window!

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Nice France Cote d'Azur Airport and how to travel there at the best possible cost.


Travelling around the Cote d'Azur without a car. There's a good train service and a good bus service.

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Hotels in Nice France - and show you the alternative of our vacation apartment for stays of three nights or more.

Excursions to the Cote d'Azur, using only public transport.



How to research the French Riviera before you come.



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So what's so Nice About Nice France?


We live in Nice France and we love it! So we'd like to share our experiences with you, and try to tell you why we think Nice is the best city in France to live in. And it's not bad for a vacation either!

Nice, the fifth largest French city, is situated in the South of France, on the French Riviera, also known as the Cote d'Azur. The French Riviera borders the Mediterranean from St. Tropez in the west to Menton in the east; then the Italian Riviera takes over!

Of course, Nice isn't Paris - nowhere is like Paris! But, like Paris, it is an all-year round destination. And it has two big advantages over Paris: a much better climate (Paris weather can be depressingly like London!) and the Mediterranean. There is something magical about a city on the sea. Think Athens; think Barcelona; think Nice France!

If you are planning to travel here for a day or a week or a month, we hope you'll find something to interest you. We think it is the most exciting city on the French Mediterranean - but we could be just a little bit biased! Let's hope we can convince you.

Talking of Paris, if time permits why not stop off for a few days in Paris en-route - or rent a car in Paris and drive south leisurely?

Feel free to use the Google Search Box below to research the possibilites. Good key words to use might be:

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